Abuyog, a 1st class Municipality in the Province of Leyte, is the largest coastal town along the Eastern rim of Leyte. With 63 barangays and around 100,000 people living in this quaint town, it is surely one of the most populated and civilized towns in Leyte.

In terms of tourism, Abuyog has gained a lot of popularity due to the Buyogan Festival. The Buyogan Festival which was established in 1966 is a renowned choreographed dance, patterned to duplicate the movement of bees. Since the history and etymology of Abuyog revolves around ‘Buyogs’ or bees, the town officials and people decided to inaugurate this dance festival to create cultural awareness among the people and to further promote tourism within the area.

Tourism has surely improved in Abuyog due to the popularity of the Buyogan Festival. With numerous contributions and participations in other famous festivals, the Buyogan Festival dancers have surely been able to showcase their skill, creativity and talent all around the Philippines. Some of their participations include the nationwide Aliwan Festival which is an overall competition between different cultural dances amongst the Philippines. After bagging 1st place in the Street Dance Competition of the Aliwan Festival and the Free Interpretation Dance Competition in Cebu’s renowned Sinulog Festival back in 2009, lots of Filipinos and foreigners have wanted to see more of this spectacular cultural dance troupe.

Old tradition has it that when you travel to Abuyog, you have to stay with relatives or friends. Now, the time has finally come to get out of old and outdated traditions. With the development of the municipality and with the raging success of the Tribu Buyogan, it is time to get out of old and archaic traditions and into contemporary

There are now 2 major places of accommodation in Abuyog. Thus, the need to sleep over at a thrice-removed cousin’s place is no longer needed or necessary. These two major places of accommodation are namely the Abuyog Hotel and Florina Country Lodge.


 Florina   Country Lodge

Florina Country Lodge was established back in the 1990’s. It is locally owned and operated by the proprietor Mr. and Mrs. Tan. The main aim of their operation was to provide comfortable and secure accommodation to sales managers and other travelers who would come across and stop-over at Abuyog. They currently offer standard budget rooms, standard fan rooms, air-conditioned rooms with cable TV and family rooms. Additionally, they also provide 12-hour and 24-hour stays. So, whether you are planning on freshening up or staying for the night, you have budget-friendly options to choose from. Having said this, the Florina Country Lodge can surely accommodate a diverse variety of visitors and guests.

Florina Country Lodge is conveniently located along the National Highway. Their location makes it extremely convenient for tired motorists to stop-over and have a full night’s rest before hitting the road the next morning. Also, their affordable room rates make them perfect for traveling sales persons and even backpackers.


Abuyog Hotel

Abuyog Hotel

The Abuyog Hotel had its soft opening on Easter Sunday, 21 April 2011. However, the construction of this government funded and supervised establishment started back in 2006 under the administration of former Abuyog Mayor Ofelia Traya. After 5 years and continuous support from the current Mayor, Abuyog Hotel was finally finalized in the first quarter of 2011.

Abuyog Hotel boasts of a well-appointed lobby, several function rooms, a rooftop café, a restaurant and 21 well-appointed rooms. All of their rooms include an air conditioning system, a buddy fridge and min-bar, a television with cable network access, a DVD player, a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom with hot and cold water, imported furniture and fixings from Las Vegas and other standard items like clean towels and toothpaste. Also, the whole hotel boasts of its fast and free wi-fi access.

The Abuyog Hotel is located in the heart of Abuyog, fronting the Abuyog Municipal and Legislative building. And although the establishment is supervised by Mayor Octavio Traya himself, the hotel is being run by Hotel and Restaurant Management specialists trained at the local Abuyog Community College. With room rates ranging from Php 1,700++ – Php 2,700++, Abuyog Hotel is surely capable of meeting the demands of even the most meticulous guest.