Danghol Hill

Danghol HillAmongst the many hidden and unrivaled tourist spots in Abuyog is Danghol Hill. This hill is located between Barangay San Isidro and Sitio Can-Igo, Barangay Bunga. According to an ancient myth, Danghol Hill is the home of the fairy “Opayda”.  As based on mythological research, Opayda was the fairy known to sing to fisherman so that they would find their way home. As the generations came and went, the legend of the fairy “Opayda” remained to enthrall people.

Nowadays, Danghol Hills may not resonate the voice of the mesmerizing fairy Opayda, but it is a perfect spot for locals and tourists alike to go nature tripping. Since Danghol Hill is neither steep nor dangerous, it is capable of offering a revitalizing and refreshing hike. So, for those who would like to commune with nature while staying fit, try out Danghol Hill for a once in a lifetime experience. After all, the view of the sea and the town proper at the top of the hill is worth every ounce of effort made to reach the top.