ST. Francis Xavier Parish

St. Francis Xavier ParishThe Parish of St. Francis Xavier was first established in 1718 using lightweight materials to build the church. When the bamboo and nipa church was finally constructed, the Jesuits then took their place as the supervisors of the parish.

In 1768, the Augustinians took over the supervision of the church from the Jesuits after it was again rebuilt. Thirteen years after, in 1781, it was decided on to alter the way the church appeared. It was within the same year that the church was reconstructed to condone to a Roman Renaissance period structure.

A few years later, the church went under another construction which gave the church a more durable foundation, an iron-galvanized roof and a brand-new wooden floor. In 1965, Msgr. Luis Caintic supervised an extension of the church and the construction of the new bell tower.

In 2001, a new parish priest was assigned to the Church. This parish priest, Rev. Fr. Albert Opiniano, was a man of change. He slowly yet gradually renovated the parish. Improvements to the parish rectory, belfry, floor, roof and even the pews were done with sound dedication. In 2005, this parish priest opened the newly-constructed monument park. The monument, depicting Saint Francis Xavier on his pit-stop to Abuyog, is considered to be one of the main highlights of the town proper.

On August 28-29, the heart of Abuyog is at its most vibrant. With the celebration of the Feast Day of Saint Francis Xavier, the town fiesta could not be more vigorous or vivid.