Schools and Library

Knowledge is an eternal gift that could not be taken away from a person. Education acts as its vehicle for a person to be more productive and efficient. Having said this, Abuyog is surely a municipality which highly acknowledges the significance of education.

* Here the list of Schools that could be found in Abuyog, Leyte:


Elementary Schools

Young children are taught how to read and write as early as 4 years old. Elementary students are exposed to numerous academic-focused activities like science club, school newspaper/journalism and school government events. This will not only enhance their theoretical skills but they will also help develop their leadership skills.

 Alangilan PS


Almost all of the secondary schools in Abuyog feature science and computer laboratories. Extracurricular activities are specially implemented for high school students to strengthen their confidence and social interaction.



Parents who can’t afford to send their children to the big cities for college will not be that stressed out because Abuyog has colleges as well. They offer a variety of courses which includes Criminology, Education, HRM and computer related courses. 

  • Abuyog Community College
  • Visayas Christian Institute of Technology

Abuyog is a municipality that perceives children and the youth as the hope of the future. The list of schools above just proves that the municipal government of Abuyog is aiming to give good education, even to those residents of Abuyog who are situated in far flung barrios.