Abuyog, regarded as the “Home of the Buyogan Festival” is not only a municipality full of talent and creativity but a place that’s full of vibrant interests towards sports. A few associations have been created to feed the people’s hunger for adrenaline, for interesting activities and for friendly competitions that aims to improve every individual’s personality. More than the usual games that Filipinos play, Abuyog has showcased a diverse set of sport activities that will continuously expand as the local government is willing to support this endeavor along the way.

  •       Abuyog Rifle & Pistol Shooters Association



 The Abuyog Rifle & Pistol Shooters Association is headed by Councilor Lenlen Traya. Last year (August 2011), they conducted the very first LGU – Abuyog Shootfest which was held at the ACC Firing Range, Brgy. Guintagbucan. And as you can see, this isn’t just a man’s field but a woman’s, too. With the equal interest coming from both gender classifications, it was a sure success. Considering that the participants were not merely masculine boys who seemed to contain enough energy for such day, women too were in the mood to hit that pistol’s trigger.

      Bitag Battalion Taekwondo Association

With Mr. Dusdos as the man in-charge, this is an association that aims to put a unique and competitive appeal to taekwondo. Mr. Dusdos is the P.E teacher at the Abuyog Community College (ACC). As part of his curriculum, Taekwondo is taught to all 1st year Criminology students in the college. However, after seeing much talent in the young students, it was decided upon to create an established team that will fight against other teams. Mr. Dusdos and his Bitag Battalion team have participated in various competitions all around Leyte and were able to prove to other cities that Abuyognons have what it takes to be a real fighter.

      Longboard Competition

With the advent of new sports especially for the youth, the municipality of Abuyog has again proven the point that they are first class. As they introduced the first ever Buyogan Longboard Competition last year (August 23-24, 2011), they inspired more and more board riders to keep their passion on a high. Furthermore, by supporting such event, Abuyognons who have always been interested to try this specific sport achieved the right kind of motivation. This is a pretty new activity for Leyte but our municipality is willing to support any sports-related event that will empower the youth and inspire them to take a stand on what they truly want. This is of course, backed up with complete safety and security details are always taken into consideration.

 Longboard Competition