Civil Registry Services


Registers births, marriages, and death and animal brands, codes birth, death and marriage certificate.  Submit OCRG duplicate of birth, marriage, and death. Issues certificate true copies of birth, death, and marriage. Post notices for marriages and delayed registration. Coordinates with the regional, provincial census twice a month regularly.


(Fees are subject to change without prior notice)

Marriage Fees:
  Application Fee 200.00
  Application for foreign national 500.00
  License fee 50.00
  Solemnization fee 500.00
  Registration of nullity of marriage 200.00
Birth/ Death Fees:
  Registration of legal instrument or court decree 200.00
  Adoption 100.00
  Foundling 100.00
  Acknowledgement fee 100.00
  Late registration 100.00
  Election of Philippine citizenship 500.00
  Supplemental report fee 200.00
  Legitimation fee 200.00
  Naturalization fee 1,000.00
  Repatriation 500.00
  Election of citizenship 500.00
  Certification fee 50.00
  Certified true copy documents 60.00
  Supporting documents (for court purposes) per page 75.00
  Civil registry forms per set 50.00
  Certified photo copy registered documents per copy 50.00
  Documentation fee 200.00
  Secretarial fee 60.00
  Verification fee 60.00
  Subscription fee 75.00
  Out-of-town registration 200.00
A.)RA. 9048:
  Change Name 3,000.00
B.)Typographical Error: 1,000.00
  Processing fee (Migrant) 500.00




HENRISSA A. CUMPIO Municipal Civil Registrar Supervise, Issue/ Sign CR docs/ Renders decision on RA. 9048. Attend inter-agency, outside meetings, conventions and trainings as required.
Ma. BEATA C. CORBES Clerk III Process RA. 9048,Petition for Clerical and Typographical Error, Change of Name Supplemental Report and Court Decrees.
JOCELYN M. BAUYA Clerk III Posting and Reconstruction of CR Documents/ Legitimation/ RA. 9255 and RA. 9858. Process Office Vouchers.
FELISA F. BARCELO Clerk II Posting of Entries of Live Birth, Marriage and Death. Process Office Bills.
LANILINE R. ALONZO Data Controller II Encoding of all CR Documents, in-charge of Phill cris System and other related job as directed.
CONCEPCION T. ALVERO (Birth, Death) Processing and Typing. Process Legitimation and RA. 9255.
ASUNCION C. MARTINEZ (Birth, Death Processing and Typing.
FELISA R. PENSONA (Marriage) Typing and Other Related Jobs.
SUSIE G. CARNALAN Process Out-of-town Registration/In-charge on all Office Purchases and Supplies.



“Tamang Rehistro Panagutan ng Bawat Pilipino”


Our Civil Registry Office is the one responsible for the implementation of our local government’s program on Civil Registration. It requires continuous, permanent and compulsory recording of vital events and their characteristics in accordance with legal requirements in each country. In the Philippines, the Civil Registry function is defined in the civil register including the changes taking place therein.

Civil Registry forms are used to record the facts of Birth, Marriage, Death and all modifications thereof concurring in a person’s lifetime. The forms including their attachments are revised to conform to the new laws, rules and regulations.

To ensure efficient and effective local implementation, we conduct information dissemination to the different Baranggays, Annual free marriage solemnization to the 63 Baranggays, Mobile free civil registration 0-7 yrs. Old, including late registration of births, deaths and marriages, kick off caravan every February to the different municipalities w/ in the province, Symposium to the different high schools w/ in Abuyog both public and private schools. Free registration to indigent 4ps’s beneficiaries to exclude their supporting documents. Daily transactions were accommodated in case to case basis depending on the demand of the clients, after payment of the necessary fees.

What you need to know?

Republic Act 9048 “Clerical Error Law”
An Act Authorizing the City or Municipal Civil Registrar or the Consul General to correct a clerical or typographical error in an entry and/ or change of first name or nickname in the Civil Register without need of a judicial order amending for the purpose articles 376 and 412 of the civil code of the Philippines.

The City/ Municipal Civil Registrar, consul general including the clerk of the sharia court in his capacity as District of Circuit Registrar of Muslim Marriage, Divorces, Revocations of Divorces name or nickname in the civil register.

Republic Act 9255
“An Act Allowing Illegitimate Children to use the Surname of their Father” Amending for the purpose Act. 176 of Executive Order # 209 otherwise known as the family code of the Philippines.

Republic Act 9858
An Act providing for the legitimation of children born to parents below marrying age. Amending for the purpose the Family Code of the Philippines as Amended.



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