The Mayor



My warm greetings to all fellow Abuyognons across the country and around the globe.

Anchored on our vision of a peaceful, agro-industrialized and self-reliant Abuyog, our municipality, in keeping abreast with the rapidly changing world of information technology, has installed lately its own website. This will allow us to be able to reach to the greatest number of our people and “Kababayans” elsewhere in the four corners of the world, with the relevant and right information about important local developments, plans and projects, activities and programs in the shortest time and the minimum cost possible as compared to the traditional media of information distribution.

May this positive development will widen our perspective and create opportunities and mechanism for productive and constructive feedback and interaction which can eventually, transform into concrete steps and actions in attaining our noble concerns and priorities.

Let us therefore join hands as one town and one people, with rich socio-cultural and religious heritage and with renewed vigor and enthusiasm, seize the momentum on the road to progress and prosperity. Together, let us make our beloved Abuyog a worthy place to live and visit by everyone and make our town something that our children and the next generations to come, be proud of!

“Padayon Abuyog San kalimpyo, kahusay ngan kauswagan”!


Municipal Mayor